Changelog: 2023-08-02

Instead of making an individual changelog for each change I made along the way I’ve collected them here.

  • Added rel="prev" and rel="next" to post-level and listing-level pagination.
  • Removed Twitter specific meta tags, not related to Hot HTML Summer.
  • Removed web monetization meta tag, although I thought I already did that? Also not related to Hot HTML Summer.
  • Adding flow styling to blockquotes for better formatting when there are multiple paragraphs.
  • Changed the “caption” shortcode to use a <p> instead of a <div>.
  • Updated the feed layout to list the Hot HTML Summer tag in chronological order.
  • Added scrollbar-gutter: stable; to stop the jump between pages with and without scrollbar.
  • Updated open graph meta tags to only use the post or page name for title, was noticing that appending the site name looked a little silly in Mastodon’s unfortunately large social cards.
  • Reworked front matter for the Changelog to include “Changelog: yyyy-mm-dd” in the page title and open graph title. The permalink still uses /changelog/yyyy-mm-dd

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