Changelog: 2023-06-27

I needed to make a few adjustments for the Hot HTML Summer series of posts. And I found an issue.

  • Added a new JSON file to include the blurb that explains the series on every post.
  • Added a new directory in _includes named text. Here I added another blurb that’s specific to the section being covered in the post. It calls data from the post’s front matter, which didn’t work from the JSON file. I might move the text in the JSON file to the text directory.
  • Found an interesting whoopsie. On the Accessibility Statement I had changed the date in front matter to use LastModified, and I assumed it would be the for file. But of course since the full site gets generated when published the date was always last publish date, not the date the content of the file was last modified. I’m going to look into this more but for now I’ll just manually modify the date if/when I update that page.
  • Fixed a hover contrast error in light mode. When a code snippet is part of a link the background of the code snippet took precedence over the background in hover. I added an element selector for <code> links and unset the background on hover.
  • Updated code snippets used in heading levels to unset the code styling and use the heading level styling.