I’m an interaction designer and front of the front-end developer. I’m keenly interested in modular design, accessibility, usability, performance and the open web.

I’ve been employed doing some form of web-based design since 1996, and for the last two decades have been working in the enterprise space.

Highlights include

  • Designing complex end-to-end enterprise systems
  • Designing interactions, including copy
  • Mentoring designers and developers on the importance and practical application of accessibility
  • Mentoring designers to better understand CSS, coding in general, and the use of DevTools in troubleshooting design
  • Always explaining design decisions, other options considered and trade-offs
  • Rapid prototyping to share early and often
  • Creating and maintaining best practices and standards for UI patterns and interactions as well as accessibility
  • Co-creating front-end development training for full stack developers

I design in the browser and think prototyping is best way to elicit feedback, answer questions and make design decisions. I write modern vanilla CSS and follow the principles of CUBE CSS. I also love making websites, especially with Eleventy!

This site is focused on my side projects and whatever I’m learning at the moment. I’m in the process of planning a new site for freelancing, hopefully by the end of of 2022. Recently I started a new blog.

I don’t currently have a portfolio, but if you’re interested you can view my Linked In profile, which admittedly could use an update.

If you think I can be of help with a project or you’re looking to hire someone with my skills, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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