Changelog: 2020-09-20

I started off thinking I would just clean up some code fug on the homepage, but it didn’t take that long so I ended up reworking a lot of things, whoops!


  • Cleaned up a lot of unnecessary wrappers and nesting in the “Recent Writing” section.
  • Fixed some overall flow spacing.
  • Cleaned up “Recent Articles” summary (which is also used on Articles, Notes and Changelog).
  • Added pre-loading for Shrikhand
  • Stop using Gulp to build fonts because I couldn’t get get-google-fonts to only include Latin versions, which apparently is a bug. If this site ever picks up steam I’d be inclined to add Cyrillic, Vietnamese and Guarati versions back! Locally it seems like it might have actually added a few kbs, so I might swap it back after investigating here.
  • Switched it back to use Gulp, thought it might shave a some weight off font.css but somehow it added about 30kb? I really don’t know what I’m doing!

More CSS splitting

  • Moved Syntax Highlighting CSS to only be used on content pages.
  • Created content.css for all the styles that only appear on content posts.


  • Retired the failed experiment of listing the content on the landing page and switched to use the existing landing page template. I will probably come back and rework this to work how I envisioned. Notes on that for when I do…
    • Make a new template for the listing and the content page.
    • Content page should not include base.html (or the header and footer display for each entry lol).

Bug fixes - come back and fix up

  • Fixed a @supports (display: grid) bug in the homepage hero.
  • Fixed reverse order on pagination (moved it from Nunjucks on listing to collection).
  • Flipped article-level pagination to work with pagination bug fix.
  • Removed @media (prefers-reduced-motion: reduce) from reset, will add it back in the unlikely event of using animation.
  • In page header section of “feed” template removed wrapping div for h1 and summary since I’m currently not using the summary on any of these pages. Summary is pulled from the content of each listing page’s .md file. If I decide to use the summary I should put the wrapping div (or any block-level element!) back so the flow class works correctly. The summary code is commented out with a note see the details here (<---- details here!).
  • Moved .archive-banner styles out of main CSS since it’s in the CSS specific to the archived version of the site.

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