Changelog: 2020-09-13

Image optimization


I converted the Projects section images to next-generation formats, details here.

Converted the changelog to a collection


This is somewhat of an experiment in that the intention is not to treat the changelog like a blog where each entry has an individual page. The intention is to get the benefit of pagination instead of a single, long scrolling screen (since apparently I’m going to write verbose changelogs that are pretty much only for me, but out here in the open instead of in Notion like usual). We’ll see how this works out after I get few in here.

  • Adjusted the spacing in the footer when the columns wrap.
  • Adding some spacing styles for ol that were there for ul.
  • Simplified tag partials used on Articles and Notes.
  • Slight tweak to SyntaxHighlighter plugin CSS theme changing the yellow to orange.

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