Changelog: 2020-09-09

Changed the homepage hero to use grid but kept the original flex as a fallback. The vertical alignment of the text is better, and I think it jumps less on load (although I maybe I’m kidding myself?).

Changelog added


The link is available in the footer. I’m going to come back and make this a collection with each entry as its own markdown file. And then on the Changelog listing page display the full content instead of a summary and use pagination. This seems like a more sustainable approach but I’ll save that for another time.

  • A footer tweak to adjust the layout of the second column to be top aligned with the first column.
  • Removed the aria-label from the primary navigation. Since it’s using a nav tag the additional information is probably skewing towards overly verbose instead of adding helpful information.
  • Similarly, removed the aria-describedby on the All Tags page because there is similar text in the body in the body of page. I also updated the example cited in Finally, a new site and noted the update.
  • Created a new class and paired shortcode called “caption” that I used in the note about the update, and will use for similar things moving forward.
  • Removed border being applied from code within code examples using the syntax highlight plugin.

If you’re setting a border on code and want don’t want it on code examples using the syntax highlight plugin, you could use this…

[class*='language'] code {
border: 0;

The plugin wraps examples in pre with a class for each language, e.g., class=“language-css”, so the above will remove the border from any examples using the plugin.

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