Several types of updates…

Front Matter is awesome and useful

  • Refactored the Kofi badge and “Back to top” links in the post-content.html partial to only display when the respective kofi and top Front Matter keys are not false.
  • Set kofi: false on Accessibility Statement, Colophon, individual Changelog pages (like this one!) and 404 page.
  • Set top: false on individual Changelog pages and 404 page.

Handy tip: I added the kofi and top key to the changelog directory data file.

  • Ha ha, as a test I set top: true on this post, and it works. Nice to be able to individually override as needed.
  • Also set top: true on several longer changelog posts.

Syndicating specific posts


I want to start publishing an occasional post at Dev.to. They make it easy to syndicate posts via RSS. Initially I hooked up my RSS feed but it’s hard to manage all the posts in their dashboard. And, if you delete a post it appears again because it gets picked up from the feed. So I created a RSS feed for Dev.to.

  • Added devto: true in Front Matter to posts I want to send to to Dev.to.
  • Created a Dev.to collection using getAll() and filtering on the devto key (good example at 11ty Rocks, of course).
  • Created a new feed specifically for Dev.to collection.

Grab bag

  • Removed <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge">.
  • Bumped up the font-weight for <code>.
  • Tweaked the post-level pagination to include “Newer” and “Older” above the links (see below!). This solves two problems
    1. Adds clarity to how pagination is implemented
    2. By moving the arrow above the link with the Newer/Older, the arrow will never wrap to its own line like it did with the previous implementation.
  • Inspiration from Saneef Ansari’s site.
  • On 2021-11-26 added a style to scale the homepage hero image on smaller screens. Might come back and tweak it further but it’s an improvement for now.

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