Changelog: 2021-08-30

General updates…

  • Updated the spacing and vertical rhythm on the homepage.
  • Removed the “blurbs” below the Recent Writing and Featured Project headers.
  • Updated the Project cards on the homepage to look cleaner.
  • Used Block link, cards, clickable regions, rows, etc. by Adrian Roselli for the clickable cards.
  • Updated cards on Project landing page to use some of the same visual elements, but they are not implemented the same. Am going to come back and redo the images to address some of the resizing issues.

Style clean-ups and fixes…

  • Moved img-fill and pad-content to global.css
  • Moved landing-summary from global.css to content.css
  • Moved the homepage specific projects styles to home.css and removed projects.css from the homepage layout.
  • Fixed an issue on smaller screens where the minimum size of the grid container for Project cards was wider than the viewport.

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