Changelog: 2021-06-14

Did a whole lotta clean up of content styles.

  • Wrapped date stamps in p to improve spacing within in Articles and Notes.
  • Removed redundant font-size style in content.css for reading styles.
  • Changed markdown files to use markdown for <code> instead of the html tag.
  • Tightened up li margin.
  • Added hr style.
  • Tweaked .reading font size.
  • Added image width to projects.json and project-summary.html partial to (hopefully!) help with CLS on homepage.
  • Added clamp to figure padding.
  • Removed .full-bleed from homepage hero and added negative x-margin to .hp-hero in hopes of reducing CLS.
  • Added min-height to .pad-hero in hopes of reducing CLS.
  • Removed clamp font sizing in nav in hopes of reducing CLS.