Changelog: 2020-10-02

A whole lot of little clean-up items.

Moved more styles out of global into other CSS files

  • Moved reading classes to content
  • Moved pad-content to content
  • Moved tag-cap for All Tags to content
  • Moved pagination classes to content
  • Moved button-dark to content.css
  • Added content.css to All Tags page
  • Improved site title alignment with sub-title
  • Fixed spacing issue in nav links on homepage
  • Fixed nav wrap at smaller sizes
  • Made focus borders 2px and added a small bit of outline-offset
  • Set pagination items to 45% width allowing the link text to wrap within each section rather then the paging items wrapping
  • Included paging icon in link and changed hover styles
  • Removed unused styles (project-header from posts and and projects)
  • Changed post and top-level nav fonts to use clamp
  • Added style for first-child h2 within reading class to remove top-margin
  • Added outline-offset for focus styles
  • Changed focus outline color to green in homepage hero
  • Removed /css from passthrough
  • Tweaked dev-caveat text
  • Updated Changelog pages to use h2 instead of h3
  • Fixed discrepancy in site description in meta tags
  • Wrapped section below the hero on the homepage and added flow class spacing, then removed the nth-child business from the .wrapper class that was causing trouble in the project cards
  • Changed headings for Recent Articles and Featured Projects on the homepage to use conditional headings based on a Nunjucks variable. On the homepage the headings render as h3 and on each section’s listing page the headers render as h2. Might write a little post about it!

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