Changelog: 2020-09-15

Mostly a bunch of tweaks.

  • Finally got font pre-loading right.
  • Removed the 500 size from font stack as it wasn’t being used.
  • Slightly lightened the border on code.
  • Slightly darkened the background of SyntaxHighlighter code blocks. Axe and Lighthouse throw erroneous contrast because they’re using the page background instead of the parent pre background. Arc and Wave get it right. Either way, discovered that some of the combos weren’t AAA compliant so I fixed that.
  • Removed Horse Racing Datasets as a “Featured Project” from the homepage.
  • Resized the remaining ill-sized images.
  • Added next-gen formats for the hero image on the homepage.
  • Resized the remaining project images.
  • Pretty sure I’m going to rename this section Changeblog and just own the fact that most of my writing is going to be about little tweaks.

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