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July 2022

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Dana Byerly’s Digital Junk Drawer, or the Junk Drawer as it’s affectionately referred to, is my catch-all site.

The site is built with Eleventy and uses WordPress as a headless content management system. I wrote a two post series on the process…

Data for TV Blurbs and Wake Up Songs are pulled in from Airtable and the lastest Pixelfed image is pulled in via RSS.

In its current form it’s mostly a blog, but also a place to collect various non-blog thoughts and ephemera. It’s not quite a digital garden, at least in the way that most people create and tend to their digital gardens. It’s an archive, at least aspirationally.

At some point I may collect my thoughts on the Junk Drawer on this page, but in the meantime I’ve already written about a bit about it. At this site I touched on why I started it and discussed some recent updates. I also wrote a bit more about the new features at the Junk Drawer.

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