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April 2020

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My approach to saving links about dev and design is all over the place. I have some saved in my RSS reader of choice (Feedly), I have a collection of links in Notion and another older collection in Pinboard. I also have a couple of collections in Standard Notes.

One morning as I scanned my various Monday morning newsletters looking for articles I wanted to read later, I had my usual thought of “I wonder if I would use Pinboard more if it was responsive?”. Followed quickly by “I’ll just start throwing links in Airtable and then figure out what to do with them”. Followed quickly by mocking up a little prototype using Vue.

It took me approximately a week to build the original version of the site, and initially it was easy to maintain. Eventually I found that I wasn’t keeping up with adding articles because the process was a bit too manual. I knew I wanted to address that but needed time to figure out how to handle it.

Just over a year later (July 2021) I migrated the site from Vue to Eleventy, leaving the original design mostly intact. I’m still using Airtable but have starting using Pocket as a way to streamline saving urls. I’ve added more details about the process here.